In the spring of 1998, I entered the US with my Swedish husband, a box of wedding china and a lust for new adventures.

Almost 14 years later, the family has expanded. We are now two adults, two children, and a cat.

I have completed two college educations. I have gone through various Visas, J2, F1, H2, O2 and Green card. Next step would be Citizenship!

I have delivered children in two different states. I am raising two bicultural, bilingual girls and have been teaching Swedish to both kids and grown ups for many years.

The family has lived in three states, two apartments, four houses and a couple of temporary housing arrangements.

I have renewed my driver’s license and reregistered cars in three different states. I am still struggling with the conversion from kg – lb, cm – inches and C – F and I still forget that Americans in general do not automatically understand my sarcastic Swedish humor…some things will always stay a mystery!

Prior to our international relocation I worked for a Swedish financial institute for ten years. There is always more to tell… However, this is not going to be all about me!

This is going to be Getswedish on an expedition into the surroundings of Seattle!

So, from now on, this is a step into the chapter of a bimonthly expedition in exploration. This year my expeditions will take place between 9am to 2pm. How much is possible to accomplish within five hours? I have no clue – We’ll find out together!

Each expedition will include a form of exercise, a place to eat lunch and a gallery to nurture the imagination.

On my bucket list are all various neighborhoods, both in my closest suroundings on the East Side (Kirkland, Bellevue, Issaquah, Sammamish, Bothell…), as well as Seattle, beaches, mountains and beyond.

I will sniff in new areas, and if it has a nice curb appeal, I may revisit. However, the goal is to give a picture of what it could look like for someone who just moves to Seattle willing to explore and getting that first glimpse of an area. Buckle up, leave the unpacked boxes and bags and join me in my adventures!